mission statement


Mission Statement

DARE2BCHALLENGED is a not-for-profit organization providing opportunities for girls and women to challenge themselves, evolve, and experience a sense of belonging and well-being. Setting difficult fitness goals and persevering through challenge is, in our view, one powerful way to evolve by exploring new parts of the self that were previously unknown.

CONFIDENCE building for young girls and women is foundational to our mission when working the public.



Confidence, in our view, is action and includes repeated attempts, calculated risk taking, and resilience. These skills and dispositions, as we have experienced, can change the way you think and act for the better. Success is built on success, and as we have seen, one successful training session does indeed lead to the next.

As you sign up for the DARE 2B CHALLENGED event, keep in mind that nothing builds confidence like taking action, especially when the action may involve risk and failure.

Risk keeps life exciting and on the edge. Risks keep you growing, improving, and continually earning confidence. By contrast, living in a space where you are assured of the outcome can be uninspiring and flat.

Confident action suspends the timid part of ourselves and unleashes the bold. By signing up for a race that may scare you a little, you are being bold!