The Beginning

Our Story

Mother & Daughter posing before a race with blue & purple paint splash behind

Our DARE 2B CHALLENGED community has shown that the art and science of earning confidence begins with calm and is sustained with courage.

In fact, “Calm, Courage, and Confidence,” was the mantra of our DARE 2B CHALLENGED community, emphasized throughout 2020.

To elaborate in 2020, during the pandemic, a small group of ladies and their daughters gathered in one spacious backyard to train 3 times a week for THEIR FIRST Triathlon.

This triathlon was organized and held in the backyard of a multi-dimensional woman (i.e., mom, educator, researcher, health/fitness enthusiast) who gained the benefits of taking part in running events, duathlons, and triathlons over the decades. She was excited to SHARE the ‘earned confidence’ acquired by ‘persevering’ through hard training sessions and showing up prepared on race day.

There is something special about overcoming your fears and pushing through your perceived physical and mental boundaries TOGETHER.

Two Women wearing bike helmets smiling for camera with colourful paint splash behind them

A Sense of Community

The sense of community and connection resulting from our frequent training sessions was exhilarating and helped each of us overcome the anxiousness and unknowingness associated with the ongoing Covid restrictions and implications.

Looking to the Future

Moving into post-pandemic stages, we believe that girls and women are yearning for a sense of purpose, community, and meaningful connections.

Our DARE 2B CHALLENGED event is meant to provide girls and women with opportunities to explore new parts of themselves while having fun, evolving, and striving toward fitness goals. Ultimately, a sense of individual and collective well-being is our aim!

Our DARE 2B CHALLENGED first group of girls and women will be present at our first annual public event on August 21, 2022. Like you, and perhaps your local pod of friends, we will also come ready on race day to push our limits, persevere, and do the hard things that we once ran away from.